Series, 2016

At the age not only of their mechanical reproducibility but also of their immediate and constant access, images are looking at us even though we do not notice. In addition to capturing the image of time, Radenko Milak also sought to grasp the image of movement; drawing on the world repertoire of cinema and images he interconnects through his watercolor technique, as well as through animation. The artist created a mental image of cinema through a series of artworks inspired by iconic directors like Hitchcock, Godard, Bergman, Antonioni, Welles, Kalatozov, Laughton, and Tarkovski. Radenko sees cinema as one big image factory from which he builds up his own aesthetics. Acting as a cinematographic picture editor, he exhibits the paradoxical human truth of cinema, telling proximity and remoteness, audience presence and absence, as well as the deep loneliness of observing and being observed.

Each piece of his series entitled Endless Movie confronts the contemporary human condition of feeling strangers to others and to himself. Radenko’s looping animations talk about movies’ promise of eternity-one to be a profound illusion, yet creating a feeling of melancholia that could fuel someone's action and reconcile him with his own creation.