Solo Exhibitions of Dates, a joint project with Roman Uranjek

The word dates as in a calendar is only one of many possible meanings of it, which artists Radenko Milak and Roman Uranjek used as the title for their collaboration project and exhibition format. However, according to the artists themselves, there are other meanings that are possible to be considered accurate. In fact, Dates could refer to diaries, for example, but also to procedures of measuring time.

Even if Uranjek and Milak approach to the images is different, their work is still interconnected. On one side, Uranjek adds elements of the cross, while on the other, Milak transforms the mechanical gesture of the camera into an artisanal watercolor showing the re-contextualization of the mechanical image. The juxtaposition of the two reveals a wide artistic attitude oriented to look at the past as an active character of the present reality, but not as its burden but as its initiator and its correcting agent.

However, as an exhibition format, Dates has brought to the public some composite works, treated in the same way, but still different in their concepts. As Tihomir Milovac pointed out in the occasion of the exhibition Dates 2, Radenko Milak&Roman Uranjek at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zagreb, “the artistic decision about their joint presentation and formal juxtaposition of the autonomous works – is their conceptual plan to connect those using dates. The procedure of formatting starts from Milak’s watercolors of photographic motifs of real historical events, with precise dates, and the most frequent themes are various catastrophes and ones that are art-related. Then, Uranjek takes the process in his hands and uses the dates from Milak’s watercolors as keys in selecting corresponding works from his archive of drawings and collages”.