Series, 2017

With the Dark Matter series, Radenko Milak appropriates scientific images from different sources; images from the observation of the infinitely large and the infinitely small, images of the expansion of the universe or the very structure of matter, images taken by gigantic telescopes or electronic or optic microscopes. He finds in these sources the conditions for a new image that he creates with collage and juxtaposition. He also uses forms that confront the viewer to the metaphysical, to mystery and strangeness. The paradox of exact sciences is to produce a representation of the invisible world that always renders it more opaque.

The large black and white panels of the Dark Matter series invite to a poetic and aesthetic comprehension of the invisible world and unveil an enigmatic, fractal landscape, where the concept of infinity eludes our comprehension but gives us access to the imaginary. One must see in Dark Matter the exploration of the potential aesthetic of the scientific image as others have done before such as Ernest Haeckel who, with his Kunsformen der Natur, a century ago invited to marvel before the beauty of the living and to introduce in the human oeuvre the forms of the living. 

(quot. Christopher Yggdre)