Series, 2013

365 – Image of Time consisted in the artist painting for a year, every day, a black and white watercolor of the image of an event that happened the same day, related to modern and contemporary history. The event could be political, related to conflicts, to the life of ideas and arts, to scientific development or technological. The ensemble is striking; it reads like mental landscape of the images of the brief, intense, extreme and violent history of the 20th century.

This landscape unfolds like a single fresco despite the diversity of its sources. The eye of the painter is no longer a mere witness of his century but reveals the aesthetic ties that subterraneously bind representations of history together. The use of the unique technique of black and white watercolor, which allows no repentance, is not trivial and does not stem from the desire to reproduce images, but rather, to reinterpret them somewhere in-between effacement and highlighting.

365 – Image of Time can be seen as a Mnemosyne Atlas of Aby Warburg set in the 21st century that draws on the contemporary global iconographic repertoire in the sense that the artist collects the images and assembles them in the form of a panorama that is both a singular and collective landscape of memory. The goddess Mnemosyne – goddess of memory and language – is also the mother of the nine Muses; memory is the very matrix of art. With Radenko Milak it is possible to find the undertaken role of the memorialist.

(quot. Christopher Yggdre)